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20th September, 2023

To A-MAR (loving sea), everybody has their own

The interview aims to present the LIFE A-MAR Natura 2000 project to an increasingly large audience of people and stimulate their curiosity. LIFE A-MAR is a project funded by the European Union through the LIFE programme, dedicated to the environment and climate action.

In particular, LIFE A-MAR is concerned with increasing knowledge and awareness of Natura 2000 protected maritime sites in Italy and Spain through communication and dissemination actions. For this reason, between late spring and early summer, the first sailing campaign was held that crossed the Natura 2000 Maritime sites in the Regions of Sicily, Sardinia, Liguria, Tuscany, Campania and Lazio. What made this tour special was the fact that the boats made available are vehicles seized to organized crime, thanks to the fundamental collaboration with the Italian Naval League, which happily married the objectives of the project, making the operational part of the tour. Allowing “Lady Maryanne” to sail again for environmental purposes is a huge social transformation and renewal, part of the ambitious challenge of the LIFE A-MAR project.

Another important action, which can expand and, above all, involve a greater audience of users of protected maritime sites is the launch of the AMAR SEA LIFE app. Thanks to it tourists, boaters, fishermen who will cross these sites, will discover the wonders that these places offer in terms of fauna and flora. The achievement of this public will also make it possible to make people aware of the good practices that would be desirable to be held to respect more the surrounding habitats and not to hinder the natural development of marine life and, even more, to learn to cross them without leaving harmful footprints.

LIFE A-Mar cannot help but be inspired by the foundations of Pope Francis’ “Laudato Sii” (2015) when he launches the challenge: “It is necessary to adopt an integral approach to combat poverty, to restore dignity to the excluded and at the same time to take care of nature”. Raffaele Grandi at the microphone explains howIn the various projects that Triton deals with, there is always a particular attention to the monitoring and repopulation of protected species, the protection of habitats and biodiversity” immediately finding connection with the “excluded” from the Encyclical of Pope Francis. The dissemination in Triton Research applies, in fact, directly on the field and is interwoven with all people, entities and society with the aim of carrying out actions towards the common good