Introduction and summary

In the details, LIFE A-MAR NATURA 2000 aims to:

1. Increase awareness in specific categories of sea users about the existence, location, and importance of Natura 2000 Marine Sites

2. Promote replicable good practices and environmentally sustainable behaviors in the management of Natura 2000 Marine Sites

3. Promote active citizenship in knowledge and education for more successful and continuous monitoring of the marine environment

4. Give training support to Natura 2000 Marine Sites managers and users for a more accurate and efficient communication about the presence, environmental values and benefits of Natura 2000 Marine Sites

5. Increase the knowledge of stakeholders and other users who frequent them about Natura 2000 Marine Sites and increase their effort for the conservation of these sites through knowledge and monitoring actions under Citizen Science initiatives.

The project will end in 2025 and will carry out communication and information actions that will mainly concern the Mediterranean Natura 2000 Marine Sites in Italy (288) and Spain (272), involving around 6 million users of the sea, including fishermen, divers, hospitality/tourist/nautical businesses, tour operators, tourist guides, yachtsmen, conservation and educational associations, local authorities, residents, tourists and visitors.

Coordinates the Federparchi project – Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves – Europarc Italia (which includes over 160 entities that manage protected marine and terrestrial areas).