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December 15, 2023

The ongoing questionnaire on the LIFE A-MAR NATURA2000 project is now available on the APP, AMAR SEA LIFE and here, on website.

Ten questions on the protected marine sites of the Natura2000 network, concerning the importance to protect biodiversity, the state of conservation of ecosystems and the level of awareness of the role of protected marine sites. The aim is to collect information and spread knowledge about marine sites involved in LIFE A-MAR NATURA2000 project (LIFE20 GIE/IT/001352). These are the main characteristics of the “ongoing survey” available both on the website and on the project APP. It will be proposed to all participants of the LIFE A-MAR NATURA2000 initiatives too

Island of Montecristo e Formica di Montecristo – sito marino Natura2000: IT5160014

Credits by R.Ridi – Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano

The questionnaire is an important monitoring tool to evaluate the level of knowledge of the various interviewees regarding the marine sites of the NATURA2000 network, their natural characteristics, the protection of biodiversity and the actions envisaged by the project itself.

The questionnaire also allows us to classify the responses by type of user, identifying residents, tourists and sector operators, based on the different activities and ways of using marine protected sites.

The main purpose of this participatory survey tool is a constant monitoring action of the effectiveness of the project, considering that the questionnaires will be compiled and collected during the entire development of LIFE A-MAR NATURA2000. The results will thus be able to understand the level of knowledge of the participants and to improve some of the project activities during their build up; so that they could be more effective. It is expected to collect, overall, in Spain and Italy, at least 6000 questionnaires, both in paper form than through the project website and APP.

Take part in the survey you too, go to the LINK