First week in Liguria

May 15-22, 2023

Teta, the sailing boat made available by Lega Navale Italiana, with on board the skippers Dario Noseda, sailor, and Giampiero Sara, biologist, and the president of Triton Research Raffaele Grandi, who was joined mid-week again for Triton Research marine biologist Antonella Servidio set sail from the pier of the Officers’ Club of the Navy in La Spezia on May 15th at 1pm at the end of the press conference launching the sailing campaign as well as the first participatory event. Despite the weather not being on our side, the crew managed to achieve its objectives. In detail, the Ligurian week touched on the following protected areas: Cinque Terre National Park and Marine Protected Area, Montemarcello-Magra-Vara Regional Park, Portovenere Regional Park and Portofino Regional Park and Marine Protected Area. The marine-coastal sites touched during navigation were 16 (below the list, from north to south). The priority habitats of these environments consisted mainly of reefs, underwater caves, Posidonia oceanica meadows and submerged sandbanks. Among the most interesting sightings is that of a sunfish, Mola mola, the large pelagic fish that is increasing in these waters due to the abundance of jellyfish it feeds on. It is considered the largest among bony fish, being able to reach, in the case of specimens that live in the oceans, three meters in length, over four meters in height and more than 2 tons in weight.

Due to bad weather, excursions in the Cinque Terre National Park were postponed to a later date while on Saturday 21 April in Lerici, at the Castle, the second participatory meeting organized by Federparchi-Europarc Italia was held with the participation of the crew of Teta and the president of the Montemarcello-Magra-Vara Regional Park (which is entrusted with the Natura 2000 Costa di Maralunga marine site) Eleonora Landini.

Natura 2000 marine sites crossed:

  • IT1332674 Seabeds M. Portofino, AMP Portofino
  • IT1332673 Seabeds Golfo di Rapallo, between Rapallo and Chiavari
  • IT1332614 Pine forest – Lecceta di Chiavari, Chiavari
  • IT1333372 Seabeds Punta Sestri, Sestri Levante
  • IT1333371 Seabeds Punta Manara, between Sestri and Riva Trigoso
  • IT1333370 Seabeds Punta Baffe, between Riva Trigoso and Moneglia
  • IT1333369 Seabeds Punta di Moneglia, between Moneglia and Deiva Marina
  • IT1343474 Seabeds Punta Apicchi, between Deiva Marina and Framura
  • IT1344273 Seabeds Anzo, between Framura and Anzo
  • IT1344216 Bonassola Coast, between Anzo and Bonassola
  • IT1344272 Seabeds Punta Levanto, between Bonassola and Vallesanta
  • IT1344271 Seabeds Punta Picetto, between Levanto and località Mesco
  • IT1344270 Seabeds Punta Mesco – Riomaggiore, between località Mesco and Monterosso
  • IT1344323 Riomaggiore Coast – Monterosso, between Monterosso and Riomaggiore
  • IT1345175 Seabeds Isole Palmaria – Tino – Tinetto, Portovenere
  • IT1345114 Maralunga Coast, Lerici