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June 30, 2024

LIFE AMAR NATURA2000 at Biodiversa, the review of Italian protected areas

The public at the large exhibition dedicated to the biodiversity of the parks was able to learn about the project for protected marine sites

Great success of participation in “Biodiversa”, the protected areas fair which took place from 21st to 23rd June in Gravina in Puglia promoted by the Alta Murgia national park and Federparchi with the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security.

The public, who crowded the halls of the fair, had the opportunity to learn about the LIFE A-MAR NATURA 2000 project dedicated to the valorisation of the marine sites of the Natura2000 network thanks to the information material made available in the Federparchi stand.

As part of the review, there was the  important meeting about  “Towards the States General of Protected Areas”, it  took place to discuss the objectives of the National Strategy for Biodiversity to 2030 that outlines the actions for the conservation, protection and the valorization of our country’s ecosystems. The meeting was aimed in particular at the management bodies of national protected areas, with the aim of sharing experiences and encouraging the development of good practices to protect the Italian natural heritage characterized by the richest biodiversity in Europe. It was a significant moment that precedes the convocation of the States General of Italian Parks. During the debate, the LIFE A-MAR NATURA 2000 project was also mentioned regarding the need to protect and enhance the marine sites of the European network.

On the second day of Biodiversa, among stands, exhibitions, tastings of typical products and thematic insights, the round table “Parks and ISPRA: sharing actions and data to achieve the objectives of the biodiversity strategies for 2030” took place. It was a  moment of analysis and proposals to illustrate, with sector experts, the importance of collaboration between parks authorities and scientific institutions, to improve the management of territories through the implementation of innovative strategies and coordinated interventions, especially with regards to coordination , the management and sharing of scientific data on the biodiversity of protected areas starting from those relating to the monitoring of  species, both on land and at sea.