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Torre Manfria, Biviere e Piana di Gela

The site covers an area of 17,873.74 hectares in the territories of Gela, Niscemi, Butera, Acate, Caltagirone, and Mazzarino. It exhibits geomorphological variability with wetland environments of Biviere surrounded by dune ridges of fine quartz sand. The coastal outcrops of Mount Lungo and Torre Manfria feature badland formations and calcarenite mixed with gypsum. The climate is lower semi-arid thermomediterranean along the cost and upper thermomediterranean inland. The coastal landscape is dominated by agriculture and greenhouse cultivation near Biviere, while the Niscemi area has wooded formations with prevalent cork oak. The seabeds near Biviere contain several biocenoses, including Cymodocea nodosa. Despite human influence, the area retains significant natural and environmental value, preserving various plant species and rare phytocenoses. The wetland environment of Biviere is important for both migratory and resident fauna. The Manfria coastline hosts remarkable floristic and phytocenotic biodiversity, with different habitats supporting a rich fauna.