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Scoglio dell’Argentarola

The Argentarola Rock is located near the promontory of Mount Argentario and it is separated by a channel which is approximately 400 meters wide. The rocky cliffs descend rapidly and they reach a sandy seabed at depths exceeding 40 meters. In the shallower area, there are populations of algae and patchy Posidonia oceanica meadows. Below 30 meters, the coralligenous habitat dominates the cliff.
Particularly interesting is the development of submerged cavities within the rock. There are three caves opening along the submerged cliffs: the Grotta Grande dell’Argentarola, with an area of 720 square meters, and two secondary caves, the Grotta delle Cicaline, with an area of 105 square meters, and the Antro delle Paramuricee, with an area of 145 square meters. The coralligenous communities are well-structured and exhibit a high density of coral organisms such as red Paramuricea, sea fans, and red corals.