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Scogliera di Staletti

The site comprises the stretch of rocky coastline of the eponymous promontory on the Ionian Sea, bordering the predominant low coastline along the Ionian-Calabrian side. The plant communities are highly specialized and they are capable of withstanding constant sea spray. Moreover, many species have succulent habitus: this is the result of extreme adaptation to physiological aridity which is caused by high salt concentrations. There are recent traces of Loggerhead turtle nesting.
In addition to its undeniable landscape value, the site includes habitats and species that are rare along the Ionian coast of Calabria: it hosts one of the two populations of Dianthus rupicola in this stretch of coastline. The coastal cliffs also host the only Ionian population of Limonium calabrum, a punctiform endemism also found on the Costa Viola. The protection of this coastal stretch is significant considering that it is an area with intense tourist exploitation.