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Rupi di Catalfano e Capo Zafferano

The Rupi di Cataflano site, covering an area of approximately 322 hectares, is of significant historical-archaeological, natural and scenic interest. It includes the rugged coastal promontories of Capo Mongerbino and Capo Zafferano, as well as the peaks of Mount Catalfano and Cozzo S. Pietro. The geology is characterized by carbonate soils of the Unità Imeresi. The vegetation has been influenced by past intensive use, with a prevalence of Ampelodesma grasslands. Along the coast, urbanization extends into citrus grove territories. Plant communities include European fan palm, kermes oak, wild olive, holm oak, and the lentisk. The Capo Zafferano promontory is an important migratory route for birds. The area is home to plant species of phytogeographical interest.