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Promontorio di Piombino e Monte Massoncello

The site is characterized by a high environmental heterogeneity in reasonably good conservation status. The area hosts the northernmost relict peninsular station of the European fan palm. Due to its location, the area is of great importance for the stopover of migratory birds while the cliffs are full of divverent marine species. Among the terrestrial nesting species, those of greatest interest are the tawny pipit, the Dartford warbler, the pallid swift, the western black-eared wheatear and the western Orphean warbler, the last three of which are very rare and/or threatened at a regional scale. Among reptiles, there is the European leaf-toed gecko, an endemic species of the western Mediterranean belonging to a genus otherwise with a tropical distribution. Worth noting among the invertebrates is the Spanish flag, a Lepidopteran species.