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Pantano di Marzamemi

Coastal marsh area with highly specialized halophilic vegetation which is a resting place for migratory birdlife. Despite significant human influence, this area still hosts numerous examples of both submerged and amphibious halophilic plant communities, some of which are of naturalistic interest and essential for the sustenance of birdlife. This interesting coastal lacustrine environment has some geobotanical value, with remnants of natural vegetation including psammophilous, halophilic, salt marshes, and coastal rock formations. It is a relatively small site suffocated, among other things, by intense urbanization, it is nonetheless integrated into a larger system of wetlands and, as such, regularly used by a number of bird species typical of wetland environment. Indeed, it is regularly used by several bird species typical of Mediterranean salt marsh environments in this region. Its importance is due to its ecological and structural role within the southeastern Sicilian wetlands system, where it represents an important strategic node. Its conservation is therefore closely tied to maintaining the integrity of the entire system, within which frequent and documented faunal exchanges take place. It also preserves a significant portion of the rich invertebrate fauna found in the Vendicari area.