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Monte Capanne e promontorio dell’Enfola

The site is significantly representative of the rich flora of the Island of Elba which hosts rare and endemic species, many of which originate from Sardinia and Corsica. Additionally, there are also exclusive species such as the Elba Limonium which contributes to the unique floral diversity of the area. From an ornithological perspective, the site is of great interest as it harbors rare bird species that nest in both the marine and terrestrial environments which are primarily associated with rocky cliffs. Among these species there are the Peregrine falcon, Mediterranean garrigues, Marmora’s warbler, spectacled warbler, the Corsican finch and at higher altitudes ….. and the alpine accentor. Of significant interest is the presence of the native population of red-legged partridge. Among reptiles, there is the European leaf-toed gecko: it is an endemic species of the western Mediterranean area which belongs to a genus with a tropical distribution. Moreover, among amphibians there is the Sardinian tree frog, an endemic species of Elba, Corsica, and Capraia. Numerous endemic invertebrate species are also present.