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Laguna di Oliveri – Tindari

This is an area of significant phytosociological and floristic interest, as well as faunal and landscape interest. The aspects of dune vegetation should be mentioned, which are rather underrepresented along the northern coast of Sicily. Along the shoreline, peculiar saline wetland environments with warm and crystal-clear waters are also preserved. Many endemic plant species are present, some of which are exclusive (Centaurea ucriae subsp. seguenziae and Festuca humifusa), along with species of notable phytogeographical interest, such as Echinops spinosissimus, which maintains its most important Sicilian stations in this area. The beaches are temporary resting places for numerous migratory bird species, some of which are of significant conservation importance. The invertebrate fauna hosted by the site is also remarkable due to the presence of numerous endemic species.