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Lago La Vota

The site extends along a stretch of the Tyrrhenian coast between Capo Suvero and Gizzeria Lido. It is a complex of coastal wetlands consisting of three lakes and the Gizzeria Lagoon. Together, these areas constitute a biotope of high naturalistic interest. Although they are heavily impacted by human activities, they represent an extremely rare example in the Calabria region. The vegetation is typical of brackish and marshy environments. It is the last example of a coastal lake on the entire Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria. The environmental characteristics of the site (though degraded) and its geographical location make it potentially very attractive for all species of aquatic and migratory birds as a temporary stopover or wintering place. Furthermore, the riparian vegetation represents a potential breeding site for various species of waterbirds, especially rails and waterfowls. The beach in front of the brackish wetland area represents a potential breeding site for the loggerhead sea turtle. The site hosts some populations of plant species that are rare in the rest of the region and which are included in the Regional Red List.