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Isole di Cerboli e Palmaiola

Cerboli and Palmaiola are two small rocky islands with rugged terrain located between the mainland and the Island of Elba. This site also includes other satellite islets of Elba, such as Scoglietto di Portoferraio, Isola dei Topi, and Le Gemini. All of these islands are uninhabited.
This area is an important nesting site for marine birds, particularly for the Scopoli’s shearwater. Since the 1980s, significant colonies of Audouin’s gull (approximately 100 pairs) have been recorded nesting on Palmaiola and subsequently on Isola dei Topi. The islets provide an excellent habitat for this species.
A substantial population of Caspian gulls (approximately 1,000 pairs) nests in the area. Additionally, reptiles like the European leaf-toed gecko (Euleptes europaea) are present, a species endemic to the western Mediterranean area. Moreover, the site includes a variety of invertebrates and plants endemic to the Tuscan Archipelago.