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Isole dei Ciclopi

The Cyclops Islands consist of several basaltic islets which are remnants of lava outcrops from Mount Etna and which are located in the lower thermomediterranean bioclimate with a higher subhumid rainfall regime. The vegetation is relatively undifferentiated and poor, with a prevalence of halophilic aspects such as the sea fennel and the grey birdsfoot trefoil as well as subhalophilic shrublands like silver ragwort and Suaeda fruticosa. Ephemeral subhalophilic meadows, which are characterized by the European sea heath, can be found in some areas, while patches of maquis with tree spurge are present in the higher areas. The area is a tourist attraction for its scenic beauty. There are rare or phytogeographically interesting entities in the zone, as it is indicated in the list. The fauna includes the microinsular endemic Podarcis sicula ciclopica (Taddei, 1949), which is also found on Faraglione Grande: it is a vulnerable species deserving of strict protection.