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Isola di Pantelleria – Area Costiera, Falesie e Bagno dell’Acqua

The island of Pantelleria, covering approximately 3,516 hectares, is a volcanic territory with complex morphology. The SIC includes the coastal area of the island, the lacustrine area of Bagno dell’Acqua, and some fascinating fumaroles. The climate is influenced by air currents coming from the north/northwest. The flora varies depending on the bioclimatic zone, with vegetation such as common juniper, the silkvine, the holly oak, and Aleppo pine. The island is an important migration zone for birds traveling between Europe and Africa. The area also boasts a rich fauna, with endemic and threatened insect species, along with the unique presence of Parus teneriffae and Coluber hippocrepis nigrescens. The Island of Pantelleria is an area of remarkable natural and environmental interest.