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Isola di Alicudi

On the island, several rare species are present, some of which have been recently discovered on the steepest slopes, such as Cytisus aeolicus and Silene hicesiae, rare aeolian endemisms. Moreover, endemic species, such as Genista tyrrhena, Centaurea aeolica, Helichrysum litoreum, Ranunculus rupestris, etc., are well-represented and often abundant. In the territory, various entities that are rare in the regional area or that are considered of significant phytogeographical interest can also be found. The island lies on an important migratory route for birds of pray and storks, which is part of the same migratory flow as the Strait of Messina. Additionally, the passage of passerines, especially in the autumn, is significant, with an abundance of thrushes and sylviids. Among the nesting birds, the most notable presence is represented by colonies of Eleonora’s falcon, which are located on the rocky cliffs. The conservation status of the habitats can be considered good, allowing for a relatively rich fauna with some endemic species which are sometimes unique to the Aeolian archipelago or the island of Alicudi.