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Isola del Giglio

The Island of Giglio is predominantly granitic and it shows diversification due to past human activity. Numerous terraces can be observed. The vegetation has suffered degradation due to fires, with a predominance of garigues. The flora is mainly of the silicicolous type, quite rich, and includes rare and endemic species of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Associations of shrubland and garigue are well represented. It is important to note the presence of the rare bat species Tadarida teniotis. The island is a nesting habitat for rare marine bird species and those associated with rocky habitats and Mediterranean garigues. Additionally, it represents an important stopover area for migratory birds. Among reptiles, there is the Phyllodactylus europaeus, a species endemic to the western Mediterranean region, while among amphibians, you can find the Discoglossus sardus, a species endemic to the Tyrrhenian area. The presence of numerous endemic invertebrate species is also significant.