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Isola Bergeggi – Punta Predani

The area consists of 2 sub-sites: one insular and one coastal which is directly in front of it. There are significant aspects of karst and marine erosion (caves with evidence of past bradisism) on dolomitic substrate. Despite not being highly isolated due to its relative proximity to the coast, insularity highlights the importance of animal and plant populations. Fragments of Mediterranean habitats of considerable interest are present: Campanula sabatia, a species of priority interest under Directive 92/43/EEC and other endemics and species protected by international directives and conventions. Anthyllis barba-jovis, a rare species in Liguria and close to its northern limit, is also found here. Moreover, this site is one of the rare nesting sites for the yellow-legged gull in Liguria. Additionally, there are historical and archaeological remains of importance. The site is included within the Regional Nature Reserve of Bergeggi (Regional Law No. 10 of 27/2/1985).