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Fondali tra Capo Portiere e Lago di Caprolace (foce)

The site is located along the Lazio coast, specifically between the municipalities of Latina and Sabaudia. The protected area covers approximately 3,729.9 hectares which comprises a large portion of the coastal seabed and the mouth of the Astura River. The benthic marine environment within the site is characterized by the Mediterranean biogeographic region. The Astura River mouth constitutes another environment of significant interest within the site. This area serves as an ideal habitat for numerous species of aquatic birds and fish species. In particular, the twait shad (Alosa fallax) represents a fish species of considerable biological value. This species is anadromous: it populates the sea but it needs to go up rivers for spawning purposes. The presence of the twait shad in the Astura River mouth is an indicator of the ecological health of the site’s ecosystem.