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Fondali S. Croce – Gallinara – Capo Lena

The site seabedsof S. Croce – Gallinara – Capo Lena is characterized by the presence of priority habitats such as Posidonia oceanica meadows, extending between the coast of Albenga and the island of Gallinara. There are also coralligenous formations, as well as lithophyte belts and semi-dark cave biocenoses. Biodiversity is significantly high due to the juxtaposition of these habitats with rocky seabedsand communities of photophilic algae. Along the coast of the municipality of Alassio, the Posidonia meadow is present with semi-emergent formations.
Moreover, rare or threatened species has been reported, such as the false black coral, yellow gorgonian, Pinna nobilis, and Spondylus gaederopus, a highly threatened spiny oyster due to overharvesting. Occasionally, individuals of the loggerhead sea turtle species are also observed. The seabed has also been proposed as a marine protected area in the national framework law 394/91 on the reorganization of protected areas.