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Fondali di Scilla

Restricted site of Posidonia at the entrance to the Strait of Messina, Calabrian coast. The Posidonia meadow is a high biodiversity climax community, an important nursery for fish of commercial interest, and an important protection from the coastal erosion. The area is characterized by significant natural features that are still well-preserved, giving the seabed of Scilla and the Strait of Messina unique characteristics. Particularly important is the presence of a submerged mountain with bicolored Paramuricea clavata facies. The area within the site is also of particular interest due to the presence of populations (773 colonies) of the extremely rare black coral Antipathella subpinnata. The presence and the widespread of coral meadows are influenced by the hydrodynamic regime of the Strait of Messina. In fact, the area is affected by the main current, which flows from south to north, and by a weaker and more superficial current moving in the opposite direction.