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Fondali di Capo Milazzo

The Site of Community Importance (SCI) “Capo Milazzo” corresponds to the Marine Protected Area, while it borders the Special Conservation Area “Capo Milazzo.” The site is characterized by an extensive meadow of Posidonia oceanica, coralligenous habitats and by the presence of well-structured Vermetidaed sidewalks. There are sandy banks, Posidonia meadows, large shallow bays, submerged or semi-submerged cliffs and marine caves.
The Posidonia meadow is distributed around the promontory, although its conservation is compromised near the Bay of S. Antonio. The large shallow bays and coves offer high biodiversity with interdependent photophilic benthic communities which dominate soft and hard substrates. The presence of protected species of Cystoseira on the cliffs is remarkable, while the caves host sublittoral communities. The SCI is relevant for the presence of species listed in national and European regulations and for seasonal sightings of the loggerhead sea turtle and marine mammals such as the common dolphin, striped dolphin and fin whale.