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Fondali dell’isola di Capo Passero

The island of Capo Passero, whch is located off the southeastern coast of Sicily between the Ionian Sea and the Strait of Sicily, offers a biological and naturalistic environment of significant interest. The seabeds of Capo Passero represent an environment that is still largely undamaged. It is characterized by a significant richness of marine life, with underwater life forms that are rare in other areas. They are characterized by populations of various species of Cystoseira. On the mobile seabeds which is made of sand and mud, you can find Cymodocea: this species is partially replaced by Caulerpa racemosa, an exotic species. In the eastern sandy expanses of the island, the meadow of Posidonia oceanica blooms in good health. The unique geographical location of the island, between two seas, contributes to the growth of several habitats and the presence of a wide range of marine organisms.