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Fondali dell’Arcipelago delle Isole Egadi

The Egadi Islands archipelago, which is located in the Sicilian Channel, offers volcanic seabeds with erosional and depositional forms. These seabeds are characterized by a great variety of morphologies, including submerged cliffs, river valleys, and depressions. The area is marked by an extraordinary marine biodiversity, with a rich flora and fauna. Meadows of Posidonia oceanica are abundant and they are useful as nurseries for numerous fish species. The area is an important migration point for birds and it hosts several colonies of European seabirds of significance. The Egadi archipelago is a place of remarkable landscape and environmental biological interest. The Egadi archipelago is characterized by numerous submerged caves, limestone formations and rocky shallows rich in gorgonians and sponges. The entire marine environment is strongly influenced by marine currents, contributing to the extraordinary biodiversity and unique beauty of this area