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Fondali del Plemmirio

The “Plemmirio” marine protected area is a site of great natural and scenic interest with a complex morphology due to the faults that characterize the limestone platform of Maddalena. The presence of a diversified benthic flora and fauna is evidenced by priority habitats and endemism, such as Posidonia oceanica meadows and coralligenous biocenoses. The environment is influenced by the intense currents of the Strait of Messina and the Atlantic currents, creating an ecosystem rich in biodiversity and species at risk. Benthic habitats and biocenoses are well preserved, with some areas of semi-submerged and submerged caves constituting 1% of the site proposed as a marine SCI (Site of Community Importance). Depths can reach 20-30 meters, with steep rocky walls achieving 50 meters around Capo Murro di Porco. A recent study highlighted the reserve’s effect on fish species, with higher biomasses, sizes, and species diversity in Zone A, where the red grouper Mycteroperca rubra is also found. Vulnerability analysis has identified areas with varying degrees of anthropogenic impact and biocenosis resilience.