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Fondali circostanti l’Isola di Ventotene

The seabeds surrounding Ventotene Island – located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of Naples – constitute a rich and diverse marine ecosystem. The unique morphology of the seabeds, which are characterized by crevices, caves, and recesses, is facilitated by periodic landslides and erosive processes. This configuration creates a unique environment where a wide variety of benthic organisms can be found.
The meadows of Posidonia oceanica, extending to a depth of 40 meters, represent an significant marine habitat. This plant creates diversified microenvironments and it hosts over 350 species of invertebrates and fish, including red mullets, pearly razorfish, brill and weevers, which blend perfectly with the sand. The island’s location, with a rapid depth degradation, also allows for encounters with pelagic organisms close to the coast, such as large migratory fishes, amberjacks, tunas, mahi-mahi and leerfishes.