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Costa Viola e Monte S. Elia

Coastal cliffs occasionally forming tall cliffs rich in rock species. The site extends along the coastal area on the Tyrrhenian side of the province of Reggio Calabria. It exhibits variable morphology, including stretches of beach, steep rocks that slope rapidly into the sea, vertical cliffs and areas with high urbanization. Moreover, there are cliffs rich in endemic species: particularly significant is the presence of Dianthus rupicola, a species of community interest. Furthermore, the site is an important area for the migratory birdlife in the Strait of Messina. The site is characterized by plant communities typical of coastal cliffs which are influenced by seawater. The marine environment features a meadow of Posidonia oceanica on the seabed in front of Costa Rovaglioso, in the municipality of Palmi. In addition, there are areas with coralligenous biocenoses which are characterized by shoals and submerged mountains with facies of Paramuricea clavata as well as five underwater caves, interesting from a naturalistic point of view.