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Capo Peloro – Laghi di Ganzirri

Coastal lakes of great naturalistic interest, as well as scenic beauty, due to their proximity to Cape Peloro on the Strait of Messina. The perimeter includes areas that hold strategic importance in the economy of migratory bird flows within the Mediterranean basin. The lakes of Faro and Ganzirri provide refuge and trophic opportunities for species in migration, especially waterbirds, and for some of them, they also represent significant nesting sites. The area is also affected by a substantial migratory flow of finches, both in the spring and autumn. Lastly, the particular malacofauna of these lake environments should not be underestimated, as it hosts sometimes highly differentiated and exclusive populations of this unique aquatic ecosystem. Floristically, the site does not present a particular interest, as the plants that colonize this wetland area are mostly quite common on the island.