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Capo Murro di Porco, Penisola della Maddalena e Grotta Pellegrino

The importance of this area is due to the presence of coastal vegetation aspects that are still well-preserved and floristically well-characterized. In particular, its naturalistic value is highlighted because it hosts communities that have become rare along the Syracuse coast due to anthropogenic degradation. Several entities, which are rare in the regional area or considered of significant phytogeographical interest, are also found here. The geographical location of this peninsula extending into the Ionian Sea makes it of great importance in the migration of passerine birds. Some bird species are known only because of this area, while a few others are known in Sicily. Furthermore, it is a strategic site for observing seabirds. It is one of the most important coastal sites on the island for studying migrations across the Sicilian Channel. A small natural wetland area near the Cape represents an environment of extreme interest and fragility. Special protection would be necessary for this habitat.