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June 3, 2024

Immersion in the waters of Porto Ercole at Monte Argentario with instructors from the National Park of Tuscan Archipelago

Diving of Porto Ercole at Monte Argentario with trainers from Archipelago Toscano National Park

Two dives in the waters of Porto Ercole, at Monte Argentario, this was the launch moment of the 16 Citizen science activities planned in Italy as part of the Life A-MAR NATURA2000 project which took place on 2 June.

The action of the project (ACTION B.2: Communication and Citizen Science) involves the creation of 30 workshops, 16 in Italy by Federparchi and 14 in Spain by Fundacion Biodiversidad, aimed at tourists and residents on the topic of biodiversity of N2000.

Gianni Mor̬, FIAS (Italian Federation of Underwater Activities) instructor, presented the marine sites of the NATURA2000 network within the Tuscan Archipelago national park: IT5160002 Gorgona Island Рterrestrial and marine area (SAC/SPA); IT5160006 Capraia Island Рland and marine area (ZSC); IT5160007 Capraia Island Рland and marine area (SPA); IT5160013 Island of Pianosa Рland and marine area (SAC/SPA); IT5160014 Island of Montecristo and Formica di Montecristo Рland and marine area (SAC/SPA); IT51A0024 Giannutri Island Рland and marine area (SAC/SPA).

All characterized by a high marine biodiversity, both animal and plant. When the characteristics of the sites were explained, many species of fish, birds and marine plants typical of the places were mentioned.

Participation in the event was high and exciting, the participants continued the discussion on the themes of the discovery and protection of marine sites also on boat, where the presentation of the LIFE A-MAR App took place with a demonstration on the field of its functions, in particular those relating to information on the characteristics of each marine site as well as the possibility of identifying its exact location. We had two had dives, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, thanks to which we went to discover the underwater wonders. At the end of the event all participants willingly filled out the project questionnaire.