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January 21, 2023

January 18-20 2023, A-MAR Natura 2000 communication strategy meeting

To inform, train, educate, excite, and involve are the goals of the communication strategy of the LIFE A-MAR Natura 2000 project, which aims to bring N2000 marine sites not only to the knowledge of the general public but also into its heart, to activate a much-needed action-reaction leading to more sustainable, participatory, and best-practice-promoting behaviors to be spread just like a tidal wave, even in other countries. A communication that will be 360°, through clear and positive “key messages,” but also validated on a scientific basis, and innovative and current tools. This is the line chosen in synergy by the project partners (Federparchi, Triton Research, Lipu, and Fundación Biodiversidad) after a two-day, January 18 and 20, 2023, discussion and training event that involved not only internal contact persons but also nature communication experts such as Francesco Tomasinelli, journalist nature photographer as well as professor of science communication; Chiara Borelli, head of the monthly magazine Focus Wild, for eleven years one of the main sources of information on the animal world for children; Pietro Greppi of Edinat, a publishing house with great experience in the green world with successful products such as the quarterly magazine La rivista della natura, and the online magazine La Rivista della Natura, and then Marzia Vivaldi and Francesca Giannini, respectively press officer of the Cinque Terre National Park and head of the Nature Conservation Office of the Tuscan Archipelago Park, two of the parks co-financing the project, as well as successful examples in the field of communication as well. In the coming months LIFE A-MAR Natura 2000 will activate strategic initiatives, aimed at everyone, in which it will be possible to actively participate. It is impossible to resist the lure of the sea, especially if it comes from the most beautiful sites of great conservation value. Be on the lookout!